Morenda Wysinger

Tailor-Made Mom - Mother-Daughter Relationships




Chicago native Morenda Wysinger is a woman of purpose, promoting love, respect, honesty, and forgiveness as she helps build unbreakable mother-daughter bonds. She is the mother of one child, Monaye who is an honor graduate of Howard University and an educator in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014, Morenda & Monaye co-founded MADE (Mother and Daughter Enterprise), a consulting business that aims to help mother- daughter relationships. In 2017, she wrote and published her first book, Tailor-Made Mom –Get the Relationship Between You and Your Daughter to Fit. 

Morenda – a mother at heart, coach, and motivator – lives to impact the lives of young women. She is a mentor, striving to bring out greatness in others and leave a legacy in the earth. In recent years, she opened her home as a transitional house for teen girls and young women, helping others conquer their challenges and pursue their hopes and dreams – often to the exclusion of her own – facilitating seminars for single parents, youth abstinence, and self-esteem education. Additionally, she co-developed and facilitated a mentoring program for teen girls. Despite or perhaps because Morenda was a teen mother, she has used her life’s experience to mold and empower that demographic. This optimist believes she has found her life’s calling and that others can benefit from it. 

Morenda has devised a program of study geared toward empowering and equipping young women that will be introduced in schools in Georgia in 2018. 

She resides in the Albany, Georgia area.