Morenda Wysinger

Tailor-Made Mom - Mother-Daughter Relationships

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Tailor-Made Mom: Get the Relationship Between You and Your Daughter to Fit


Do you want to have a relationship with your daughter that fits like a garment worth wearing? No matter the age of your daughter, your relationship can be tailored to fit. Tailor-Made Mom is a down-to-earth, relatable read with principles that are simple to apply focusing on love, respect, honesty and forgiveness. Mothers who really want to develop better relationships with their daughters will be able to grasp the concepts based on a few sewing techniques, which make for a ready-made pattern for them to use with their daughters. ​

   Morenda Wysinger “Puts your clothes on you!” and helps you​ Get the Relationship Between You and Your Daughter to Fit. ​ ​

This book is one for your reference library – one you’ll refer to years up the road! Both the best and challenged mothers can use this advice for the purpose of being a Tailor-Made Mom.      


Tailor-Made Mom

Table of Contents

Chapter One

You Made this Purchase, Own and Value It!

Chapter Two

Recognize That You Could Fit Better

Chapter Three

Every Tailor Possesses a Certain Skill Set

Chapter Four

Training with Tools of the Trade

Chapter Five

Thread Your Relationship with Love

Chapter Six

Watch What You Sew

Chapter Seven

Fuse Honesty & Transparency

Chapter Eight

Know When to Taper Your Mouth

Chapter Nine

Measuring Tapes, Respect, and Boundaries

Chapter Ten

There Will Come a Time When You'll Have to...Cut It Off

Chapter Eleven

Double-Back & Reinforce: Don Not Let Your Relationship Unravel

Chapter Tweleve

Put the Finishing Touches On It